Become Our Dealer

Become Our Dealer

Join Us, Let's Do Some Brilliant Things Together

Product Training and Technical Support:

We will provide comprehensive product training and technical support for your team to ensure your understanding and promotion of our forklift product line. This includes training courses, online resources, and direct technical support channels to address your and your customers’ inquiries

Customized Solutions:

We will work with you to provide customized forklift solutions based on your region and customer needs. This includes tailored features to suit specific industry requirements and flexibility to meet unique customer demands.

Sales and Marketing Support:

As our agent, you will receive dedicated sales and marketing support. We will offer market research, sales tools, and materials to assist you in better promoting and selling our products. Additionally, we will collaborate on marketing campaigns to enhance brand awareness.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management Support:

We will assist you in inventory and supply chain management to ensure you can meet customer demands, reduce inventory bottlenecks, and enhance operational efficiency. Our supply chain experts will provide guidance and work with you to devise optimal inventory management strategies.

Young but Unique

Comparing to some well-known international brands, maybe today is your first day to learn about HECHA Lift Trucks. We are young but have our unique advantages.
Our team will always devote itself to keeping your business moving smoothly– from initial purchase and cooperation to complete aftermarket support.

Thousands of Possibilities

To cooperate with well-known international brands, you will have one certain result. To cooperate with us, the first few steps might be challenging and even tough, but later, you will find thousands of brilliant possibilities.

Let's Do Some Brilliant Things Together

Join us to become our dealer, be ready to serve your clients when they need you, and focus on providing them with the proven products and service. Let’s Do Some Brilliant Things Together.

Diverse Forklift Range

Explore Our Wide Range of Forklifts Tailored to Your Needs

Equipped with powerful engines, our diesel forklift is your best solution for outdoor use or uneven surfaces.

LPG/GAS forklifts are eco-friendly, versatile, and low maintenance with fewer emissions than diesel forklifts. They’re an asset for any business’s safety, efficiency, and sustainability.
Besides the forklifts, we also produce a various range of other warehouse equipments, such as pallet trucks and stackers to suit your daily warehouse use.
Thanks to its reliable quality, simple structure, and high performance, HECHA aerial work platform is your best partner for working at heights.

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