Boosting Efficiency at Russian Repair Shop with HECHA’s 3-Ton Diesel Forklifts


A prominent Russian repair shop specializing in heavy machinery and vehicles required a robust lifting solution to handle large, cumbersome parts and assemblies efficiently.


The shop faced challenges in moving heavy components, such as engines and large mechanical parts, which hampered their repair processes. They needed a durable and powerful forklift capable of lifting up to 3 tons without sacrificing maneuverability or reliability.


HECHA provided the repair shop with its 3-ton diesel forklifts, known for their strength, durability, and excellent performance in demanding environments. These forklifts offered the necessary lifting capacity and were well-suited for the shop’s rigorous daily use, providing the versatility needed for various repair tasks.


With the integration of HECHA’s diesel forklifts, the repair shop experienced a significant improvement in operational efficiency. The enhanced capability to move heavy parts quickly and safely reduced turnaround times for repair jobs, leading to increased customer satisfaction and business growth.

Client Testimonial:

“HECHA’s 3-ton diesel forklifts have transformed our workflow, allowing us to tackle larger repairs more efficiently. Their reliability in harsh conditions and consistent performance under heavy loads have been instrumental in our success. We value HECHA’s support and the quality of their machinery.” – Shop Owner, Russian Repair Shop