Boosting Productivity at Mexican Manufacturing Facility with HECHA’s 3-Ton LPG Forklifts


A leading manufacturing facility in Mexico, specializing in automotive components, needed to enhance its operational efficiency and ensure the reliable transportation of materials across its vast plant.


The facility was facing challenges in maintaining consistent productivity levels due to outdated and inefficient material handling equipment. They required a powerful, versatile forklift solution that could adapt to various indoor and outdoor applications without compromising on environmental standards.


HECHA provided the facility with 3-ton LPG forklifts, which are renowned for their versatility, lower emissions compared to diesel models, and robust performance. The LPG forklifts offered the necessary power and flexibility, ensuring efficient operations across different areas of the plant, including both indoor and outdoor environments.


Implementing HECHA’s 3-ton LPG forklifts led to a significant increase in the facility’s material handling efficiency and operational flexibility. The forklifts improved load management and transport speed, contributing to a more streamlined production process and reduced downtime.

Client Testimonial:

“Integrating HECHA’s 3-ton LPG forklifts into our operations has been a game-changer. Their performance and adaptability have greatly enhanced our material handling capabilities, enabling us to meet our production goals more efficiently. The environmental benefits of using LPG models align with our commitment to sustainability. HECHA’s reliable equipment and attentive service have made them a trusted partner in our success.” – Plant Manager, Mexican Automotive Component Manufacturer