Elevating Efficiency in Kenyan Distribution Center with HECHA’s 3-Ton Electric Forklifts


A prominent distribution center in Kenya, specializing in fast-moving consumer goods, sought to enhance its warehouse efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint. They required a sustainable, high-capacity material handling solution.


The center needed to upgrade its forklift fleet to address environmental concerns, improve energy efficiency, and handle significant load capacities effectively. The challenge was to find a reliable, eco-friendly forklift that could perform consistently under continuous operational demands.


HECHA supplied the distribution center with 3-ton electric forklifts, known for their zero emissions, low noise levels, and robust performance. These electric models offered the necessary lifting capacity while supporting the center’s sustainability goals and providing a cleaner, quieter working environment.


The transition to HECHA’s 3-ton electric forklifts markedly improved the center’s operational efficiency and environmental impact. The electric forklifts delivered reliable performance, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced worker safety and comfort, thereby increasing overall productivity and sustainability.

Client Testimonial:

“HECHA’s 3-ton electric forklifts have significantly transformed our operations. Not only have we seen an uptick in productivity and efficiency, but we’ve also taken a big step forward in our commitment to sustainability. The forklifts’ reliability and eco-friendly performance align perfectly with our operational ethos and have set a new standard for our processes. We’re grateful for HECHA’s support and innovative solutions.” – Operations Director, Kenyan Distribution Center